By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 11:04AM

I was lucky enough to be sent these 5 ‘liquid lipsticks’, from LUSH’s emotional brilliance makeup range. Emotional brilliance is quite new to LUSH. As expected, the whole range is natural, cruelty free and never tested on animals; already in my good books then!

They’re marketed as ‘highly pigmented, long-lasting, moisturising colour’, with natural ingredients (which are great for sensitive skin). They contain jojoba oil, rose wax and candellila wax. At 85 AED, is it worth it?

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these products. The pigment is extremely strong, and yet it feels incredibly lightweight. It’s almost as if you’re only wearing a lip balm. You can definitely feel that it’s moisturising, if a LITTLE on the greasy side. The (recyclable!) applicator is great, and very precise, although I would definitely recommend to use a liner, especially for the stronger colours like the red shades featured here.

The pigment almost acts like that of a lip stain, so the colour stays strong for hours, which is great! When I first applied the product, I wasn’t expecting it to stay put for too long due to the lightweight texture, but you can see my results in the photo attached. The colour lasted very well, but the sheen that comes from the oil and wax’s, lasts a little less, although still a while. The only thing I would say with regards to the longevity of this product, is that it’s easily smudged. Another reason to use a liner before you apply! You’ll need to be careful once its applied, for example, when drinking from a cup the product will transfer, and don’t even think about wearing it on a date (unless kissing is out of the question)! A liner will definitely ease this problem by creating a barrier, that smudges can’t escape from as easily, and you won’t need to worry about this with the lighter, more natural colours from the range.

There’s a beautiful, versatile range of colours, so you’re undoubtably going to find the perfect shade for you. As you can see from the photo attached, there are orangey-reds for olive tones, pinky-reds for lighter complexions and even reds with a gold shimmer which would look absolutely fantastic on those with dark skin.

On a night out, I would personally steer away from the stronger colours, but considering the lightweight texture, moisture level and natural ingredients, I think it’s absolutely perfect for daily wear. You will also get a lot of use out of just one bottle, as the colour is so strong you won’t need very much, which is brilliant.

Over-all, I really like this this product. I’ll definitely be using it in my kit and adding some of the other colours to my collection. You can buy this online at, or at the Dubai Mall or Mercato Mall.