By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 11:04AM

I was lucky enough to be sent these 5 ‘liquid lipsticks’, from LUSH’s emotional brilliance makeup range. Emotional brilliance is quite new to LUSH. As expected, the whole range is natural, cruelty free and never tested on animals; already in my good books then!

They’re marketed as ‘highly pigmented, long-lasting, moisturising colour’, with natural ingredients (which are great for sensitive skin). They contain jojoba oil, rose wax and candellila wax. At 85 AED, is it worth it?

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these products. The pigment is extremely strong, and yet it feels incredibly lightweight. It’s almost as if you’re only wearing a lip balm. You can definitely feel that it’s moisturising, if a LITTLE on the greasy side. The (recyclable!) applicator is great, and very precise, although I would definitely recommend to use a liner, especially for the stronger colours like the red shades featured here.

The pigment almost acts like that of a lip stain, so the colour stays strong for hours, which is great! When I first applied the product, I wasn’t expecting it to stay put for too long due to the lightweight texture, but you can see my results in the photo attached. The colour lasted very well, but the sheen that comes from the oil and wax’s, lasts a little less, although still a while. The only thing I would say with regards to the longevity of this product, is that it’s easily smudged. Another reason to use a liner before you apply! You’ll need to be careful once its applied, for example, when drinking from a cup the product will transfer, and don’t even think about wearing it on a date (unless kissing is out of the question)! A liner will definitely ease this problem by creating a barrier, that smudges can’t escape from as easily, and you won’t need to worry about this with the lighter, more natural colours from the range.

There’s a beautiful, versatile range of colours, so you’re undoubtably going to find the perfect shade for you. As you can see from the photo attached, there are orangey-reds for olive tones, pinky-reds for lighter complexions and even reds with a gold shimmer which would look absolutely fantastic on those with dark skin.

On a night out, I would personally steer away from the stronger colours, but considering the lightweight texture, moisture level and natural ingredients, I think it’s absolutely perfect for daily wear. You will also get a lot of use out of just one bottle, as the colour is so strong you won’t need very much, which is brilliant.

Over-all, I really like this this product. I’ll definitely be using it in my kit and adding some of the other colours to my collection. You can buy this online at, or at the Dubai Mall or Mercato Mall.

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 10:59AM

I’m sure the whole world has heard of contouring by now. Thanks to the likes of the Kardashians, the secret is out!

Contouring, however, can be very hit and miss. I’ve seen some contouring tragedies in my time as a makeup artist, from both professionals and non-professionals, celebs and non-celebs alike. It’s an easy mistake to make if you don’t know what you’re doing!

In my opinion, makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not completely change how you look. Contouring can be dangerous and wonderful at the same time. For example, aging makeup is simply contouring the ‘wrong’ lines. Which is why you need to be careful, it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself looks older, more tired, and aged, with contouring-gone-wrong. Day to day contouring should consist of emphasizing your cheek bones, diminishing any so called flaws, and giving your skin a healthy glow. Symmetry is also key, I find I have one cheekbone slightly higher than the other, so I try to even this out with contouring.

I tend to use powder for contouring. I’m sure you’ve all seen the foundation method, but I find that this is far too harsh for anything other than photographic or film. My advise is to get a nice contouring powder pallet. So many brands have them nowadays, try MACs sculpting powder pro pallet, where you can choose the colours to match your skin tone. Or Sleek Makeup’s ‘face form’ palettes, available from, they come in a range of shades and are equip with a blusher and highlighter too, all you need! Don’t contour with blusher or bronzer! This is part of the over-all contouring process, but not the actual definition. Contouring powder should only be a few shades darker than your natural skin colour, and the same tone. No more than this or you run the risk of looking like you’ve been in a fight!

My ultimate advise for any kind of makeup, is to build it up. Once you have your foundation on, dust your face with some powder. Loose, compact or mineral, it doesn’t matter, use whatever is your preference. The powder will make the contour easier to blend.

Take a medium sized, soft but firm brush like this one from real techniques (left). Following the natural hollow under your cheekbones, add a small amount of the contour powder. Then blend with an angled, fluffy brush, like the one on the right. repeat this and build it up to achieve the desired effect. You can also contour your jaw line, hair line and nose to make them look more defined. For your nose, use a smaller brush.

A general rule when it comes to contouring and highlighting, is to take note of where the light naturally hits your face, and where is naturally darker. Highlighter should be used on the highest part of the cheekbones, the brow bone (just under your eyebrows), and a small amount down the center of the nose. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can also SOFTLY highlight just above the eyebrows, and the cupids bow of your lips. If you prefer a matte base, I’d suggest only highlighting your cheek and brow bones, and using a non-shimmer highlighter.

Once this is done, you can add your bronzer and blusher. You should never use bronzer all over your face. Take a big fluffy brush and bring the bronzer in a ‘3’ shaped motion, starting from your forehead. Blusher should be used on the apples of the cheeks to lift the face and give a flush of colour. A basic rule is to blend it in line with the center of your eyes, outwards, and no lower than the bottom of your nose! Use a smaller, rounded, fluffy brush for this. Again, with both blusher and bronzer, BUILD IT UP. It’s easier to add makeup than it is to take away!

The results can be seen in this photo of little old me. Without contouring, my skin looks dull and one dimensional. With a small amount of contouring, I have more of a glow and I’m a little bit more defined. Note here that I have red lipstick on, so I have steered away from pink blusher! With red lips you should use a natural, slightly peachy blush. Pink and red can be amazing for high fashion, but you’ll look like a clown at the office…

I hope you find that I’ve covered the basics of contouring here. If you have any further questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch! My details can be found on my website,

Thanks for reading!

H x

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 10:52AM

I have been a long time lover of LUSH, so I was so glad to find it here in the UAE. I grew up with their bath bombs and heavenly smelling soaps. The smell of their products is incredible, but the thing I like the most is that they are so natural.

There are many chemical products on the market today, however it’s so easy to avoid. Why plaster your face, hair, body, with harsh chemicals when there are natural alternatives. In some cases, I understand that chemicals are the ‘best’ way forward. Meaning that things like wrinkles are not going to disappear overnight without something giving you an unnatural helping hand. I don’t disagree with this as everyone wants to look their best! I do think though, that A, you should avoid chemicals as much as possible, and B, that prevention is better than cure. In that preventative regime you can easily include natural and skin friendly products.

Keeping your skin at the right moisture level is incredibly important. Not just from the outside either! Drinking lots of water can help reduce the look of fine lines around the eyes, and even the overall tone of your skin.

Regular, gentle exfoliation can brighten your skin and promote cell renewal which will keep your skin looking fresh and young. Try ‘angels on bare skin’ from LUSH, it’s a beautiful natural every day cleanser with a very soft exfoliant. It leaves your skin smooth, fresh and clean with just the one product. So not only is it natural, but it saves time too!

Using the right moisturiser for your skin is important. Using one that’s too rich can make your skin greasy and clogged, whereas dry skin with not enough moisture can easily look tired and dull. In fact a big factor in the cause of dull, ageing looking skin is dehydration. My favourite moisturiser from LUSH is GORGEOUS, a fresh, everyday moisturiser which has evening primrose, a pressed oil which I think is fantastic whether used on the skin or taken as a supplement (see my blog post on evening primrose oil here ).

You can go into LUSH at the Dubai mall and speak to one of their fantastic staff to find the perfect moisturiser for your skin type. They’re so helpful and knowledgable about their products and skin care!!! I was so happy with the level of customer service there.

Some of my favourite products I have from LUSH include ‘BIG’ shampoo, which is made with sea salt for super volumised hair. My advise is to use this every now and then, if you want some extra body, as it can be quite drying to both your hair and scalp, if you use it every day. I also love the LUSTRE, body powder. It’s a beautiful smelling golden powder which you can brush on practically anywhere to give yourself an amazing golden glow. It literally looks like you’ve been to the beach all day! You can also use it as a highlighter on your cheeks. Just buff it on with a big fluffy brush, building it up in layers depending on how much of a glow you want!

LUSH is a perfect way to start your new, natural skincare regime! It’s not expensive at all, and their products even have use by dates so you don’t end up using products which have gone out of date! I really would advise to use natural products wherever you can. Chemicals can cause more harm than good so you need to be careful, but that’s another blog post ;-)

Let me know if you have any questions. You’ll be seeing lots more blogs on natural and organic skincare from me in the future!!

H x

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 10:50AM

Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged in ages, I know, I’m rubbish! I’m starting again now because I’ve just moved to Dubai! This is my third month here. And what a crazy 3 months it’s been!

The beauty industry is booming here. It’s definitely my kinda place. It reminds me of the emerald city in the wizard of oz. Everything is shiny and sparkly and new. And so are the people, hence the obsession with beauty methinks. Everyone seems to take the utmost care of themselves, whether it’s women and their perfect makeup or men with their precision grooming!

So as well as a growing private client base, I’ve also had a number of fantastic jobs around the UAE. I’ve worked with a few amazing photographers on fashion and corporate shoots. I’ve written an article for a magazine. I’ve headed and organised teams for Mahiki and Cavalli’s halloween events, and I’ve also had the UNBELIEVABLE privilege of going to one of the palaces in Abu Dhabi to work with one of the princesses for her private halloween party. Although none of the girls wanted scary, gory halloween makeup, what an experience! It was all glitter and smoky eyes, which suits me fine (and what more could you expect from a princess!?)!

All of this while trying to find an apartment. All in all, a pretty busy 3 months!

As I said before, the beauty industry here is amazing! There are some great MUAs here that I’ve found, but no where near as many as back home in London. In actual fact, the level of skills for the majority here, seems significantly lower than the UK. Some makeup artists I’ve seen are pretty shocking, and yet they have a HUGE following and seem very busy with exciting shoots; baffling if you ask me. I’ve also noticed that everyone seems to blog, to the point where it’s a bit of a cliché! However, I’ve had my blog for ages, and I really enjoy writing when I have the time. So I’m (re)jumping on the band-wagon.

I hope you enjoy reading my future beauty based posts from in around around Dubai! I’ll be writing my first one now…

H x