Picking the right shade of lipstick for you

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:39AM

There’s so much choice around now, so what shade do you go for? Here’s a few hints to help you out.

Nude – Nude means the colour of your skin, so a nude lip should typically be matched to you skin tone and shade. You can go a shade or two darker if you feel it’s too light. Nude should never be lighter than your skin tone!

Natural – natural means the colour of your lips! Note the difference between this and nude. A lot of people get these two mixed up so it’s important to know the difference, especially when shopping for lipstick or having your makeup done! A natural lip is usually worn to enhance the shape and/or size of the lip, so try a lip liner first. MACs Dervish or boldy bare would be a good start, but always match it within a shade or two to your natural lip colour.

Red/pink – Bright colous are tricky, there are typical rules you see all the time like warm skin tones should wear warm reds ect, but I think it depends on more than that. For example, if you’re wearing a cool red, and you wear a warm red lipstick, it won’t look right, regardless of your skin tone! Similarly, what is the rest of your makeup going to be like? Warm brown tones look lovely with a warm red lip, and cool earthy tones will look great with a nice plumy pink colour.

For every day wear, I would choose a bright lipstick by three things; the colour of your eyes, what warms your skin tone and what makes your teeth look whiter. Green eyes look great with wine/plum based colours. Brown with bright cherry reds or fuchsia pinks. Blue eyes are complimented by vibrant, true reds and peachy pinks.


• Blush is a huge factor. Never clash your red lipstick with Barbie-esqe pink cheeks! Stick to peach, neutral or bronze tones for blush when wearing red tones, and save the pinks for natural and pink lip colours.

• With bright lipstick, don’t over-do your eye-makeup. A subtle smoky eye or a vintage eyeliner is the maximum you should go. While the vampy look can look great, leave it to the professionals!

• For long lasting colour, try a matte lipstick like bourjois matte velvet. It’s made with essential oils and pure pigment, lasts all day and is so lightweight you forget you’re wearing anything!

• For a great matte look, use a lip liner all over the lips and leave it at that!

• To make lips look bigger, use a lip liner slightly outside the lip line, being careful not too over-do it! Once you’ve filled your lips in, use a slight lighter shade, or a gloss, in the centre of the lip to give the illusion of a plumper pout.

• As well as your cheekbones, highlight your cupids bow for more defined and glowy look to your makeup

• Always use a warm concealer around the corners of your lips, this area tends to be more ash toned than the rest of the face, so a yellow or orange based concealer will warm this up.

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