Over-drawing your lips

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:51AM

Enhancing your lips with a lip liner is a much safer way of giving yourself a plumped up pout. Using suction devices, in my opinion, are unhealthy and unreliable (you’ve seen the youtube videos!).

Here’s how to create a natural looking plump pout. You can use this same method with any colour.

What you’ll need –

• A concealer/ foundation the same colour as your skin

• Translucent powder

• A lip liner the same colour as your natural lip colour (no more than two shades darker!)

• Lipstick. Choose a colour which, again, matches the natural colour of your lips. You can use a shade lighter than the lip liner, but don’t create a contrast any more than that. Subtleness is the key to this look

• Lip gloss. This is an optional extra!

What to do –

• Conceal the natural edge of your lips with concealer or foundation

• Set this with a translucent powder – this will ensure the lip liner draws perfectly and the colour stays strong

• Using your lip liner, outline your natural lip line. As much as the point of this is to make your lips look bigger, don’t go too overboard, or you’ll risk looking completely fake. Keep your natural shape, just over line it slightly.

• Once you’ve drawn the outline. Fill your lips in with the lipliner. This will ensure the look lasts as long as possible, and also keep it looking natural.

• Simply apply your lipstick over the top.

• You can add a gloss over the top to give some extra dimension, but some prefer to keep it matte. This is just a personal preference, so there’s no wrong or right here!

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