My First Dubai Post

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Mar 7 2014 10:50AM

Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged in ages, I know, I’m rubbish! I’m starting again now because I’ve just moved to Dubai! This is my third month here. And what a crazy 3 months it’s been!

The beauty industry is booming here. It’s definitely my kinda place. It reminds me of the emerald city in the wizard of oz. Everything is shiny and sparkly and new. And so are the people, hence the obsession with beauty methinks. Everyone seems to take the utmost care of themselves, whether it’s women and their perfect makeup or men with their precision grooming!

So as well as a growing private client base, I’ve also had a number of fantastic jobs around the UAE. I’ve worked with a few amazing photographers on fashion and corporate shoots. I’ve written an article for a magazine. I’ve headed and organised teams for Mahiki and Cavalli’s halloween events, and I’ve also had the UNBELIEVABLE privilege of going to one of the palaces in Abu Dhabi to work with one of the princesses for her private halloween party. Although none of the girls wanted scary, gory halloween makeup, what an experience! It was all glitter and smoky eyes, which suits me fine (and what more could you expect from a princess!?)!

All of this while trying to find an apartment. All in all, a pretty busy 3 months!

As I said before, the beauty industry here is amazing! There are some great MUAs here that I’ve found, but no where near as many as back home in London. In actual fact, the level of skills for the majority here, seems significantly lower than the UK. Some makeup artists I’ve seen are pretty shocking, and yet they have a HUGE following and seem very busy with exciting shoots; baffling if you ask me. I’ve also noticed that everyone seems to blog, to the point where it’s a bit of a cliché! However, I’ve had my blog for ages, and I really enjoy writing when I have the time. So I’m (re)jumping on the band-wagon.

I hope you enjoy reading my future beauty based posts from in around around Dubai! I’ll be writing my first one now…

H x