Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 24 2015 10:48AM

Makeup Forever. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love this brand. The original HD foundation is a staple in my kit and I recommend it to everyone everywhere. Their pigments, longevity and ease-of-use across their entire range, is unbeatable. So you can imagine my excitement when the new Ultra HD foundation was announced. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the launch event, so Makeup Forever were nice enough to send me a personalised bottle in my shade for me to try. Yay!

Ultra HD has been designed with the new 4k cameras in mind. 4k cameras pick up 4 times as much detail as an HD-ready camera, and so this foundation has been specifically designed to be invisible, even under these resolutions, whilst still providing the level of coverage which is paramount for TV.

Now, I’m an avid fan of the original formula, and was adamant that they couldn’t do much to improve upon it, but wow did they prove me wrong! It’s actually very different from the original, so anyone who wasn’t keen on the HD should absolutely try the Ultra HD. So let’s put it to the test. Here’s me with no makeup on whatsoever.

And he’s me with just the foundation on. Nothing else – no powder, no concealer, no other makeup.

I’ve applied this with a foundation brush, but you can use your fingers or a beauty blender. The result is an absolutely flawless coverage, which is as light as a feather, silky smooth, and absolutely natural. You cannot see it, or feel it and yet it somehow it gives a coverage which hides a multitude of sins. It evens out skin tone, hides blemishes and brightens the whole complexion all whilst keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It blends beautifully with other makeup too.

It works by using a unique light-diffusing formula, which is undetectable under even the highest resolution cameras. It’s oil free and therefore suitable for all skin types, and has a buildable consistency for if/when you want a higher coverage. Although in my opinion the coverage with the first layer is immaculate enough.

Over all, I cannot fault the Ultra HD foundation. They have set the bar incredibly high for the new generation of technology based makeup and I cannot wait to start using this on my clients.

Available from Sephora and Makeup Forever Stores from the 1st of October 2015. 210 AED

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