Lipstick Application Tips

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:37AM

Makeup is like painting a picture, you would never start painting on a dirty piece of paper. That’s why skincare is so important. Your face is your canvass in the art of makeup! So my top tips for lipstick application will start with the basics.


Make sure your lips are soft and supple. Light exfoliation of your lips is a great way to start. You can buy products specifically for this, however the simplest if things can be used. Gently brushing your lips with a soft toothbrush will work wonders on dry, flaky lips!


Keeping your lips moisturized will give the illusion of a younger, plumper pout. This can be achieved by just using a lip-balm. I recommend to use one with an SPF, as your lips are always something you tend to forget when it comes to the suns harmful rays. Try palmers coco butter ultra moisturizing lip balm SPF 15, available from boots stores.


I would always recommend to use a lip liner when applying lipstick or gloss. Especially if you’re planning on wearing a bright colour. Makeup forever aqua lip liner is one of my kit essentials. The staying power is amazing, the pigment is so strong and it’s so easy to apply! What more could you want?


I always apply lipstick with a lip-brush. By using a brush you can be a lot more precise with your application, particularly around the edges. Try MAC cosmetics 316 lip brush. With regards to brand, if you get the right lipliner, the lipstick itself is not as important. Most high street brands have great pigments and staying power, I love Rimmel and bourjois for their lipsticks!


Mistakes are more easily rectified than you think! If you’ve ‘gone outside the lines’, remove the mistake with a q-tip, then, take a small, clean, flat brush and a tiny bit of your concealer. Simply conceal away the mistakes until you have a nice clean edge. Depending on the look you’re going for, adding gloss can plump lips up and give a modern take on some of the classic looks.

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