'Anti-aging' makeup - How to stay looking fresh no matter what your age

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:47AM

With an anti-aging product, beauty trick or plastic surgery procedure lurking around every corner, it’s no surprise that we all strive for perfection. Whether that means that you’re wearing makeup to try and hide features that you don’t like, or that you’re trying stay looking young… However, not everyone wants (or can afford) to go under the surgeon’s knife. Unfortunately, we can’t fight gravity, or the natural signs of aging (like collagen loss, expression lines ect), without said surgeon… We can, however, accentuate our good features with makeup, and there’s certainly some tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine, to ensure you’re always looking as fresh faced as possible.

As we age, we should always change our makeup routine slightly, as we do our skin care. Think of it as anti-aging makeup! Here’s a few do’s and don’ts…


• Keep your base dewy. Using a foundation with a high moisture content and glowy finish, will add the extra hydration that mature skin needs.

• Use a highlighter! It’s a good way to lift the cheek and brow bones non-surgically. Try MACs cream colour base in a light shade to add an instant radiance that lasts all day.

• Use a gloss rather than a lipstick, it will give the effect of a fuller pout.

• Use a primer. There are so many on the market now, and some are amazing for filling in fine lines and smoothing pores.

• Define your brows! It’s so important to remember your brows when doing you makeup. As we age, the hair tends to get thinner and lighter. Keep a nice arch in the shape, this will give the impression of a lifted brow bone.


• Wear dark eye makeup. This can make your eyes look tired and heavy.

• Use shimmery eye shadow. This can easily sit in the lines around the eye, and emphasise them!

• Use too much powder! As I mentioned above, keeping you base looking dewy is key. Too much powder will make your skin look dry and cakey, whatever age you are!

• Wear too much! It’s such a cliché, but less really is more. Layering your makeup on will only accentuate any signs of aging you have.

• Forget your lashes! Curl them and apply mascara. Using a brown mascara is a good way to stay natural, especially during the day. If you’re looking for something extra special, use a few individual false lashes to even the lash line and give a fuller result

Anti-aging makeup is basically ‘accentuating’ your good features, and ‘hiding’ the ones you like the least, in this case, the signs of aging. Pay particular attention to your favourite features, for example, if you love your eyes, deepen the colour slightly or add a second coat of mascara to make them really pop. If it’s your lips you love, use a lip liner and a sheer coloured lipgloss to make them stand out that little bit extra. Making the most of your favourite features will make you feel more confident, and we all know that confidence is the best makeup that a woman, of any age, can wear.

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