By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Oct 25 2015 01:28PM

What do you imagine when you think of Dubai? Beach parties? Glamorous venues? Good music? I was invited along to the seasonal launch of the White Party at The Beach Lounge in Jumeirah Beach Hotel and I found all of those things, and more, rolled into one place.

Practically as soon as we'd hitched a ride on a buggy, I knew there was special about The Beach Lounge as the Burj Al Arab, in all it's glory, came in to view. And that view only gets better once you arrive at the lounge itself. You are literally sat in the perfect place to see one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It's jaw dropping!

The lounge is completely outside, on the beach, which is perfect now that the weather is cooling down. Potentially not so great when summer is in full swing, though. There's a huge variety of different seating arrangements, from squishy bean bags, comfy sofas covered in cushions, and cabanas big enough to fit four. You're spoilt for choice in terms of comfort, and that really is the name of the game here. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long day, or chill out with friends at the weekend.

Whilst being completely in awe of the surroundings, listening to chilled lounge music that fits the venue to a T, and given a huge choice of drinks (the freshest juices I've ever tried!) and tapas, I almost forgot that I was in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is Dubai. You could easily mistake the Beach Lounge as being somewhere in the Mediterranean. It's only the distinct smell of shisha pipes and the amazing veiw of the Burj Al Arab that reminds you that you are, in fact, still in the middle of the desert.

This place is going to become the new cool-kids hangout in the not too distant future, without a doubt.

I'm no cool-kid, but you'll definitely catch me there again soon!

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Oct 4 2015 03:13PM

I’m not sure if it’s the change in weather, or stress, or just good old hormones, but my skin really broke out a few weeks ago. I was recommended the AFT facial at Dermalase clinic on Jumeriah Beach Road. AFT stands for advanced fluorescence technology. It’s a form of IPL (intense pulsed light), however, AFT takes ultraviolet light, and converts it using a unique fluorescence filter. By doing this, it drastically increases the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, when compared with regular IPL.

At Dermalase, you’re initially given a regenerating nimue facial, to prepare your skin for the AFT. This includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and various rejuvenating and enzymatic masks.

After your skin has been prepped to perfection, a cool gel is applied, goggles are put over your eyes and the laser therapy begins. The gel is to keep your skin feeling calm throughout, as the light can feel a bit prickly at times, and the goggles are to protect your eyes from the brightness. The machine is placed on around one square inch of the skin at a time, and moved accordingly, until the whole face has been covered. The light flickers intermittently and feels like someone is tapping you gently with a finger nail. It doesn’t hurt at all, and is not in the slightest bit unpleasant. This process only takes about 10 minutes.

Once the laser therapy finished, my therapist applied a gentle leave on mask. This particular peel is made from fruit enzymes, and doesn’t cause your skin to peel or become red. It simply removes any dead skin cells over the course of the next 6 hours or so. An SPF to finish and that was that.

Instantly, I noticed that my skin was smooth and glowing. After rinsing the mask off that evening, I noticed how soft and smooth it was. Within a few days, most blemishes had disappeared, my skin was still glowing and the over-all tone seemed to have improved.

Here's what my skin was like before.

And here it is about a week after my first treatment.

Both images are, of course, without makeup or editing. What you can't see in the 'before' photo, however, is the blemishes around my jaw and hairline. They were quite red and inflamed and they've almost completely gone since this having AFT. I feel like it has noticably brightened my skin and evened the tone.

The treatment takes around 60-70 minutes total, and gives you the best of both worlds in terms of instantaneous and long term results. Of course, the long term results are best when maintained with a course of treatments. The recommended course is one treatment every three weeks, five times. Then one every two-three months after that to sustain the results.

I would highly recommend this treatment, particularly if you’re after something that’s non-invasive, safe and painless whilst still being extremely affective. I can’t wait to have my next one!

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 24 2015 10:48AM

Makeup Forever. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love this brand. The original HD foundation is a staple in my kit and I recommend it to everyone everywhere. Their pigments, longevity and ease-of-use across their entire range, is unbeatable. So you can imagine my excitement when the new Ultra HD foundation was announced. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the launch event, so Makeup Forever were nice enough to send me a personalised bottle in my shade for me to try. Yay!

Ultra HD has been designed with the new 4k cameras in mind. 4k cameras pick up 4 times as much detail as an HD-ready camera, and so this foundation has been specifically designed to be invisible, even under these resolutions, whilst still providing the level of coverage which is paramount for TV.

Now, I’m an avid fan of the original formula, and was adamant that they couldn’t do much to improve upon it, but wow did they prove me wrong! It’s actually very different from the original, so anyone who wasn’t keen on the HD should absolutely try the Ultra HD. So let’s put it to the test. Here’s me with no makeup on whatsoever.

And he’s me with just the foundation on. Nothing else – no powder, no concealer, no other makeup.

I’ve applied this with a foundation brush, but you can use your fingers or a beauty blender. The result is an absolutely flawless coverage, which is as light as a feather, silky smooth, and absolutely natural. You cannot see it, or feel it and yet it somehow it gives a coverage which hides a multitude of sins. It evens out skin tone, hides blemishes and brightens the whole complexion all whilst keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It blends beautifully with other makeup too.

It works by using a unique light-diffusing formula, which is undetectable under even the highest resolution cameras. It’s oil free and therefore suitable for all skin types, and has a buildable consistency for if/when you want a higher coverage. Although in my opinion the coverage with the first layer is immaculate enough.

Over all, I cannot fault the Ultra HD foundation. They have set the bar incredibly high for the new generation of technology based makeup and I cannot wait to start using this on my clients.

Available from Sephora and Makeup Forever Stores from the 1st of October 2015. 210 AED

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 23 2015 12:36PM

With the vast variety of food establishments in Dubai, it’s sometimes hard to decide on the perfect place to go. Located in the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, is a little hidden gem that I believe you should know about – The Cave – a trendy, Parisian-esque wine bar and bistro.

Ahlan Gourmet recently invited me to the Cave’s newest culinary adventure, and I was extremely impressed! ‘Meat the Cheese’ occurs every Tuesday from 7pm – 11pm and includes a generous spread of cheeses, breads and an elaborate charcuterie (which includes pork) teamed with a selection of red and white wines, which are specifically chosen to compliment the food and atmosphere. You really are spoilt for choice here.

In the likely event that you eat too much, they have the simplest yet most charming solution. Cosy lounge beds, which are super relaxing and give you the chance to digest the glorious spread they have on offer, and with a bar close by! The overall feel of the place is intimate, with inspiration clearly coming from that of a cave, but with a very modern, edgy and cool twist.

The welcoming and attentive attitude from the staff is so endearing. Their knowledge of the food and wine products on offer by staff leaves you safe in the knowledge that you’re in the best hands. The service really is above par.

As if that wasn’t enough, Meat the Cheese is just 245aed per person. It takes place every Tuesday, with unlimited cheese, wine, bread and meats. That, to me, is pretty good deal. In my opinion you cannot help but fall in love with this place, and ultimately, The Cave definitely gets my seal of approval.

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 21 2015 12:34PM

NARS is always at the top of the makeup wish list, no matter what the season. However it’s one of few brands that constantly keep up with the trends, and even create its own. As a makeup artist, it’s always interesting to see how new makeup collections reflect current trends whilst staying true to their ethos and signature look. Trends this season include flawless candle-lit skin, berry lips, glosses and smoky eyes, and NARS have hit the nail on the head with their new AW collection.

I can’t pick one favourite from this collection, so I’m going to tell you about my favourite products, in no particular order.

First up we have ‘VIP red’, the new shade of NARS’ infamous semi-matte lipstick. It’s a deep, burnt orange red –perfect for channelling the 70s trend or layering it for a deeper berry tone. What’s I love so much about this is that it suits EVERYONE and you can wear it however you like. Plus, the texture is creamy and moisturising yet long lasting, in keeping with the rest of the semi-matte range.

If lipstick isn’t your thing, or you want to go with more of a high end glossy lip, then ladies and gentlemen, we have found the PERFECT nude lip-gloss. Chelsea-girl is effortless, classy, and flawless. It’s a mid-toned warm tone with the perfect balance of beige and pink. Combine this with its creamy silky texture and longevity and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted right there with a perfect little applicator to boot. I promise, you’ll never want to take this out of your handbag.

Much like the perfect nude gloss, we’ve also been given the ultimate in highlighters. Packaged as a blush, Tribulation is a sandy tone with the perfect amount of shimmer, which instantly lights up any skin type, shade or tone. On mid-dark shades it works perfectly to give a lit-from- within glow, and on paler skins it gives a beautiful and natural warmth.

Last but most certainly not least, we have the brand new Audacious Mascara. This is a really innovative design both in the brush and in the formula. The brush itself has been designed with over 200 moulded bristles and lengthening hooks, which really get into the base of the lashes and the smaller, outer corners. The formula is packed with conditioners and humectants (keeping moisturise in the lashes), and doesn’t dry out – meaning you can build layer upon layer no matter how long you’ve been wearing it. As well as being buildable, this mascara really lengthens and separates the lashes, giving you a wide eyed appearance.

Full product listing - Available at Sephora stores

Velvet Shadow Stick, 140 AED

Hollywoodland - Pale Gold

Aigle Noir - Black infused with gold shimmer

Glénan - Navy

Goddess - Pink Champagne

Oaxaca - Quartz

Sukhothai - Shimmering Peacock

Flibuste - Black

Reykjavik - Grey

Audacious Mascara, 130 AED

Kohliner, 129 AED

Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, 145 AED

Telesto - Brown with gold shimmer

Pasiphae - Shimmering peacock burgundy

Lipstick, 140 AED

VIP Red - Dark brique

Lip Gloss, 130 AED

Chelsea Girls - Pink Beige

Baby Doll - Shimmering Candy Pink

Blush, 165 AED

Tribulation - Shimmery rosy sand

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:54AM

Beauty trends are always a hot topic. Some are around for a season, some stay for a while, some are wearable and some you’d have to be extra brave to try. For autumn winter 15/16 we have a mixture of exactly that, plus some of the age old classics thrown in for good measure.

First up we have strobing. This is not a brand new trend, however it’s not budging from the beauty top spot, and it’s been seen across runways throughout the whole year. For those who don’t know, strobing is simply highlighting. We’re steering even further away from harsh contouring (don’t even get me started on clowning – one word; AVOID!), and instead, going for a more natural, luminous, just-came-back-from-the-beach type glow. You can use a powder highlighter, like Urban Decays ‘naked illuminated’ and dust over the cheekbones, centre of the nose, cupids bow etc. Or if you have dry skin you can do the same with a liquid highlighter like the NARS illuminators which set beautifully and are really easy to apply with just your fingers.

Strobing can work really well when combined with one of the biggest trends of the season; the 70s. When I think of this era I imagine perma-tans and everything in psychedelic shades, I’m not alone in this, am I? Good news though, you can channel the 70s without going too over board, with a just few simple techniques –yay! Use a bronzer across the tops of the cheekbones, temples, forehead and chin, and a burnt orange or rusty red lip stick. Try MACs ‘Mocha’ or Makeup Forevers ‘satin rust’. Tie this with a minimal eye and a bouncy blow dry and you’ll look like you’ve just come off of the Charlie’s Angels set!

Now of course, there are the usual autumn/winter beauty looks which pop up every year- the berry lip, the vamp, the metallic shadows, but how about trying something a little more edgy? ‘Grunge’ has been making an appearance in shows such as Versace and Marc Jacobs. Most have opted for either a dark smudgy eye, or a black (yes, black!), lip. The reason that I stress the ‘either’ is that if you go with both, it could make you look more ‘halloween’ than ‘beauty queen’, so try sticking to just one at a time! I know what you must be saying ‘of course I’ll stick to one at a time… but how?’ Well, a smudgy smoky eye is probably the easiest thing to do, as it’s meant to look messy and worn in. Take a soft khol pencil like bourjois smoky effects in black, and line all around the lash and waterline and simply smudge it in! You can add a bit of dark eyeshadow to set it if you have oily skin or are planning on wearing it for a long time. For a black lip, you do have to be quite precise. Use a black liner to line the lips initially and then fill it in with a black lipstick using a lip brush. Use a longlasting matte formula like Kat Von D’s everlasting lipstick, to avoid any bleeding around the edges. With black, any smudge will look like you’ve chewed on a biro. Once this has dried, you can keep it matte or add a gloss over the top. Black lips can actually look super-hot and not witch-like at all when paired with simple, pretty eye makeup, try it!

One of my favourite trends this winter, which will be especially great for the festive season, is the adorned eye. Contrary to how it may sound, this can actually be extremely wearable. Imagine a smoky eye, but instead of highlighting the inner corners with a regular eye shadow, add a small diamante there instead. A glittery eye shadow can be given an upgrade by using sequins over the entire lid instead. If you’re feeling particularly edgy, you can swap a classic liner for a flash tattoo on the outer corners of the eyes. With these ideas, I’d advise to keep the lips pretty neutral, and all would look stunning with a sleek hair style, to ensure the eyes really pop.

Simple, everyday essentials like mascara and lipgloss are usually avoided on the catwalk, however even these pretty products were favoured by makeup maestros like Val Garland and Pat Mcgrath. With looks ranging from a simple glossy lip to full on sequined eyes, there’s something for everyone this season. So whichever style is your favourite, you’re sure to be bang on trend. Whatever you choose, be confident and wear it with a smile!

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:53AM


Use a primer. They really do work wonders for making your makeup last longer, in any weather. Not only that, but most will give an added benefit such as radiating or smoothing, so choose one depending on your skin type; bonus!

Use a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation. Building your makeup up in small but thin layers will make it last longer, especially when it’s warmer than usual. Less is definitely more in the summer months. Plus, it will feel lighter on your skin, the last thing anyone wants is to be putting on heavy layers of foundation and feeling like you’re wearing a mask! Try Caudalies tinted moisturisers, which treat the skin as well as protecting it at the same time!

Set your makeup with a little bit of translucent powder. It suits all tones, and is so finely ground that you won’t feel like you’re wearing any extra makeup. It will ensure your makeup stays put, and soak up any excess oil. Apply it with a big fluffy brush, paying particular attention to the t-zone. It’s also great to pop in your handbag for a mid-day touch up.


Use a waterproof mascara. It does what it says on the tin. When it’s hot outside, you not only sweat but you tend to produce more oil too, especially around the eye area. Waterproof mascara will stop you from ending up panda-esque.

Use an eye shadow base. They work by creating a barrier between the skins natural oils and your eye shadow, meaning a smooth application and long lasting, crease free finish. Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion is my favourite!

Instead of powder shadows, try a cream based instead. Most cream based eye products are designed to be waterproof, and so, tend to last a lot longer in the heat. Once they dry, they don’t budge! The new Velvet Shadow Sticks from NARS are incredible. They blend perfectly and, unlike some, give you enough time to work before drying. It comes in 8 different shades which means you can even use it as a base for your smoky eye looks.


Not only would I recommend to use a lip liner, but I’d also say to fill in your entire lip with it. Don’t just use it for the outline. You’ll get a more even and natural look as well as guaranteeing your lippie lasts longer and doesn’t bleed around the edges.

Use a matte lipstick. These last, FOREVER. Seriously, on hot days, long days, wedding days… Whatever kind of day, if you need your lipstick to last, you need one of these in your life. They tend to contain the highest amount of pigment and act almost like a stain, meaning the colour won’t budge.

This may sound odd, but keeping your lips in tip top condition will secure a longer lasting lip product. If your lips are dry, lipstick or gloss will slide off almost instantly. Make sure you apply a lip balm before your lipstick. You can also gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush, or a concoction of sugar and olive oil. Lastly, keep hydrated! Your lips are one of the first places to show the effects of dehydration.

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:51AM

Enhancing your lips with a lip liner is a much safer way of giving yourself a plumped up pout. Using suction devices, in my opinion, are unhealthy and unreliable (you’ve seen the youtube videos!).

Here’s how to create a natural looking plump pout. You can use this same method with any colour.

What you’ll need –

• A concealer/ foundation the same colour as your skin

• Translucent powder

• A lip liner the same colour as your natural lip colour (no more than two shades darker!)

• Lipstick. Choose a colour which, again, matches the natural colour of your lips. You can use a shade lighter than the lip liner, but don’t create a contrast any more than that. Subtleness is the key to this look

• Lip gloss. This is an optional extra!

What to do –

• Conceal the natural edge of your lips with concealer or foundation

• Set this with a translucent powder – this will ensure the lip liner draws perfectly and the colour stays strong

• Using your lip liner, outline your natural lip line. As much as the point of this is to make your lips look bigger, don’t go too overboard, or you’ll risk looking completely fake. Keep your natural shape, just over line it slightly.

• Once you’ve drawn the outline. Fill your lips in with the lipliner. This will ensure the look lasts as long as possible, and also keep it looking natural.

• Simply apply your lipstick over the top.

• You can add a gloss over the top to give some extra dimension, but some prefer to keep it matte. This is just a personal preference, so there’s no wrong or right here!

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:48AM

I’m 25, I don’t have the worst skin in the world, but I am starting to get fine lines and uneven skin. Not only that, but environmental factors really affect me too. Living in Dubai, with the heat and air conditioning everywhere you turn, my skin seems more sensitive than ever, causing regular breakouts and extreme differences in skin type.

Being a makeup artist, I think that looking after your skin is so important. Your skin can really affect how makeup looks. Your everyday regime, food habits, exercise ect all affect your skin, and of course there are invasive treatments that you can have such as botox/chemical peels and the like, but I’d highly recommend having preventative treatments such as the AQ growth factor facial.

I tried this facial out at Euphoria Clinic in Abu Dhabi, with Dr Sherif Makram, around 3 weeks ago, and have been continuing seeing the results as the days go by.

The growth factor, is a type of protein, found in many of the cells in our body, which is crucial for the production of collagen and elastin. We all know how important they are as we age! As we age, we lose around 1% of our natural growth factors per year. In turn, our bodies are less able to produce collagen and elastin as well as other essential cell activities.

The AQ growth factor facial uses micro needling to gently pierce the skin, enabling the AQ growth factor serum to penetrate deep into the epidermis. Just one treatment gives your skin the same amount of ‘growth factor’ that your body would produce in around 5 months!

Dr Sherif tailored my treatment to my skin needs. He used high frequency micro needling so he could determine how deep the serum would be penetrated into my skin. His expertise meant that the treatment only took around 25 minutes, and any redness had started to go down within 15 minutes. Perfect to fit in on your lunch break then!

I was explained in full that it takes 2-3 weeks to start seeing the results. I liked the fact that it’s not described as being as ‘quick fix’, and instead is a long term treatment that promotes the natural rejuvenation of your skin. I, however, started to see my skin improving after a week or so. I felt it was already more even and certainly soft and glowing. I have the AQ growth factor home use serum, which is a less concentrated version of the one used in the facial, so I’ve been using that every morning and night aswell. Now, 3 weeks later, I’m blemish free and really feel as though my skin has found it’s balance. It looks radiant and is baby-soft.

It’s recommended to have a course of treatments – once a month for four months, and then maintain the effects with the home serum and a treatment every 6 months or so. I would hugely recommend this. After seeing the results from just one treatment, with regular absorption of the product, you skin would be flawless. If your skin has aged, has pigmentation, severe acne ect, you would definitely see a huge difference.

I loved the treatment, the doctor, the clinic, and would recommend all three to anyone! I can’t wait to book in again.

By Hannah Lisa Makeup, Sep 20 2015 11:47AM

With an anti-aging product, beauty trick or plastic surgery procedure lurking around every corner, it’s no surprise that we all strive for perfection. Whether that means that you’re wearing makeup to try and hide features that you don’t like, or that you’re trying stay looking young… However, not everyone wants (or can afford) to go under the surgeon’s knife. Unfortunately, we can’t fight gravity, or the natural signs of aging (like collagen loss, expression lines ect), without said surgeon… We can, however, accentuate our good features with makeup, and there’s certainly some tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine, to ensure you’re always looking as fresh faced as possible.

As we age, we should always change our makeup routine slightly, as we do our skin care. Think of it as anti-aging makeup! Here’s a few do’s and don’ts…


• Keep your base dewy. Using a foundation with a high moisture content and glowy finish, will add the extra hydration that mature skin needs.

• Use a highlighter! It’s a good way to lift the cheek and brow bones non-surgically. Try MACs cream colour base in a light shade to add an instant radiance that lasts all day.

• Use a gloss rather than a lipstick, it will give the effect of a fuller pout.

• Use a primer. There are so many on the market now, and some are amazing for filling in fine lines and smoothing pores.

• Define your brows! It’s so important to remember your brows when doing you makeup. As we age, the hair tends to get thinner and lighter. Keep a nice arch in the shape, this will give the impression of a lifted brow bone.


• Wear dark eye makeup. This can make your eyes look tired and heavy.

• Use shimmery eye shadow. This can easily sit in the lines around the eye, and emphasise them!

• Use too much powder! As I mentioned above, keeping you base looking dewy is key. Too much powder will make your skin look dry and cakey, whatever age you are!

• Wear too much! It’s such a cliché, but less really is more. Layering your makeup on will only accentuate any signs of aging you have.

• Forget your lashes! Curl them and apply mascara. Using a brown mascara is a good way to stay natural, especially during the day. If you’re looking for something extra special, use a few individual false lashes to even the lash line and give a fuller result

Anti-aging makeup is basically ‘accentuating’ your good features, and ‘hiding’ the ones you like the least, in this case, the signs of aging. Pay particular attention to your favourite features, for example, if you love your eyes, deepen the colour slightly or add a second coat of mascara to make them really pop. If it’s your lips you love, use a lip liner and a sheer coloured lipgloss to make them stand out that little bit extra. Making the most of your favourite features will make you feel more confident, and we all know that confidence is the best makeup that a woman, of any age, can wear.